Whats my point? point is I came here to learn and understand what it takes to be in the best relationship possible given the circumstances at the time.many on here was cheating on their spouse when their spouse did not know but they still say they are former cheaters but how can that be when a alcoholic is always a alcoholic and a drug addict is always a addict.


I Have never cheated in this relationship and thats more than alot of you on here can say. I am a good person and take care of my family and have supported many of familys in time of need and hardships. I do believe in god and may not be able to say one verseof the bible and dont really care or want anyone telling me their interpitation of said verses or any other verse they want to talk about but dont care if they believe it that way or not.I can not take back time and do things different and may not always agree with you but that doesnt mean either are not right or wrong. Iam just trying to be a better person , father,businessman and spouse. thanks

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