This thread is truely very sad. Hold has all the answers or reasons for why or why not and all the what ifs.Hold if you put a fraction of the effort in improving your marriage,happiness and your well being, as you put in with the time it takes to ponder all the reasons for not doing what many tell you might help(but you always have a reason for not)You might have a different out look on life,as well as your wife. You cant truely belive that with all your negativity in your respouces on this thread and as well in your life that it does nt effect your children,life, wife,job and ect. If you know that it does why than getting the attention to your thread have you not done anything to help your personal feelings. Writing about your self pitty does nt count! Have you been to the doctor? Why dont you do something for yourself? Do you like living in the self pitty? DO SOMETHIG TO HELP YOUR SITUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!