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p.s. If I never ate Mexican food again, it wouldn't bother me a bit. But I do eat it when I go out to lunch with coworkers or take clients.

I enjoy a margarita, every now and then.
My DH is a recovering alcoholic.
I don't sacrifice by not ordering alcohol when DH and I are out together (Mexican food sounds good right now).
I wait until I am out with a girlfriend(s), and then, if I want a drink, I have a drink.

My commitment to not being a source of unhappiness for my DH preempts my desire for an occasional drinky-poo.

If I NEVER had a Margarita again, I'll be fine.
If I occasionally have a Margarita with friends, DH is fine.

DH loves scary/gore-filled action flicks.
Not me.

We do not go to those movies together.
If I am unavailable/busy, DH goes to those movies with a male friend, or alone.
Same thing.

When we are together, we make sure we eat/drink/watch/do things that are mutually agreeable to us.

And, when we are not together, we make sure we avoid any activity that would cause each other unhappiness.

It's not rocket brain surgery science, here.