Wanted to add this - found this on Mark's musings

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You might want to add a few things for Miltary types.

Do involve the military.
Do contact the chaplain and both Commanders.
Do ensure the CCs and First Sergeants are aware of their responsibilities to the military and you! Adultry is a chargeable offense under the UCMJ.
Do Demand that the military accept responsibility for their actions in stopping or not, and monitoring the waywards.

DO NOT worry about the WSs career. (Their career & problem)
DO NOT take or accept weakness or PC crap from the CC or First Sergeant! No beating around the bush. They are bound by the UCMJ and their military oath to take appropriate action, no matter how painful it may be for everyone involved.
DO NOT let the Commander or First Sergeant sweep it under the rug. Keep up the pressure, if it appears that the cover up is institutional, contact the local newspaper and TV outlets and drop a dime on the CC.
DO NOT allow the chaplain to talk you out of pressing the issue and charges.

Always remember the military is most concerned about the military member, the spouse is not part of the equation. You must make yourself a part of the equation.

Also in my case the threat of ectreme violence to the OP worked wonders as well as calling his CC everytime there was contact.