Good Morning Jeff,

Yes, you are doing good! You are doing what is right.
Many of here have been through this exposure process, we know how difficult it is and have had our own WS's scream and take tantrums on us.
It will subside.
Many times exposure has been all that is needed to stop an A in it's tracks.

When you are talking to WW, be careful not to get into back and forth spitting games.
She will continue to spew things that will make your blood boil, and your eyes roll.
She's not herself right now, it's like she is abducted by aliens, and that's how you should hear her words.
Change the subject, mention an enjoyable event that the two of you did, mention that you are committed to being M, believe in M ........
Focus on the goal of restoring your M.

I'm glad you have told people who can support you.

I don't know how much of MB your WW knows, it's best that she not know about this forum, yet.
In time when she is committed to restoring your M, she is welcome to get some guidance here.

I hope that you get some results soon about how to contact OM's BW.
Being the other victim, she needs to know what is going on in her life, her M.
You can direct her here to this site for support.

Keep reading the articles and threads.
Do you understand the Carrot and Stick ?

btw, how old are you Jeff?

M'd 22 years
D-Day 08/08 LTA