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I suspect that once the various Cdr's open their e-mail tomorrow morning that several things will happen:

1 - Your W and OM will soon have an office call with at least their BN Cdr... possibly the Bde Cdr ... and in some instances, if the CG reserves the right, they might even have to talk to the CG of their installaion. I know that in Afghanistan that the CG reserves the right to prosecute Officers for misconduct... probably the same thing here in Iraq, but I haven't checked...

2 - Both Cdrs will appoint an investigating officer to conduct an Article 32 investigation based on your exposure letter.

3 - Your W and the OM will be questioned under oath. If they lie under oath, (this is what usually gets adulterers), then their career is finished. I suspect that they will most likely lie since you said that there was already an investigation... If during the course of the investigation it is determined that either one of them lied, then their careers are finished. (Do you happen to have e-mail discussions between your W and you where you are discussing the A? If so, send a copy to both Cdrs!)

4 - As a minimum, even if the investigation doesn't find any "conclusive" proof, they most likely will receive a General Officer Letter of Reprimand which will follow them around for the rest of their "career".
This is great info on the fallout of exposing in the army.
This is my 'what I've learned today' post, and will tuck this away for future reference.

Good luck to you Jeff, you are in very good hands here!
Take care of you, and yes, thank you for your service in the army.

And take note ...... you are in no way responsible for your WW's choice to have an A.
She decided to let someone else meet her needs, and allowed it to progress one step further, then another, and then another.....

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