A trained investigator will usually conclude that where there is smoke, there is fire. The emails sent to you reflect that something is going on. They have already been investigated once. Why?

Selected emails will assist the investigator to "Style" their report in one of several ways. Keep in mind that the list of questions will include ones calculated to bring out the truth through getting them to contradict themselves.

You are not the investigator. You are emotionally attached to both the emails and your internal emotions. There is not one soldier who doesn't understand what happens at home (or on R&R) with affairs. The investigator needs a sample of those emails to help them with what they do.

And who knows, OMW may decide to blow the whistle on OM. She may be like one situation on here where OMW said something about this is the third time a "Slut" has been chasing my husband and calling me. uhuh

JL has said it. Take it to the bank, it will cash.


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