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If they kicked out every intel person that was cheating on their spouse they would kick out about half the community I am sorry to say. It is why the divorce rate in the intel community is so very high.


The military psychologist I spoke to actually referenced this. He said that people with trust issues usually gravitate towards intelligence fields, and people with trust issues are far more likely to have affairs.

I think the fact that this is hitting both of them before they've even completed their initial training isn't going to be looked upon favorably. She doesn't have her clearance yet.

If she is still in training she is in a lot of trouble, clearance wise. The only hope she has for keeping her clearance is to break it off with the OM, and go do a self-report to the SSO (Special Security Officer) and tell them the truth about everything.

Then she will have to demonstrate her remorse and show what actions she is taking to fix the problem. The only satisfactory action for someone in a training status is to patch things up with her Husband.

If she had had her clearance for some time it would be different, but if I were the SSO i would pull her clearance or recommend dissaproval. It's too early in the game for these types of shenanigans, and most SSO's prob aren't going to risk a judgement call and being wrong on a newbie like your WW.

I think an additional reson D is so high in the Intel world is that we can't talk about substantive issues about our jobs to our spouses that aren't cleared. So people seek out others in the community to talk to and, then, well you know...

If she continues in this field, she is going to have a lot of unaccounted for time and access to sytems that you will never be given access to. Not saying that's a deal breaker by any stretch (I and many I know had the same type of constraints and did not have an A) but it is something to be aware of and consider.

But these are really ancillary issues compared to the exposing, Plan A advice you are getting. This involves your WW, over whom you currently have little to no influence. Be ready for the fury over exposure like people have been telling you; it's coming brother. But, like everyone has been saying, brush it off like water off a ducks back. Stay mission focused in your current job as best you can, this other stuff will all sort itself out. Everything is going to be alright.


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