I too had the White Knight Syndrome. It's something to explore. We get a certain satisfaction from rescuing the damsels in distress.

Those damsels are exciting women. The sex is ofen awesome (my psycho ex fiance was hot and hypersexual) and the troubles she deals with which you're rescuing her from are exciting elements in the relationship.

But the woman is using you. She is not consciously doing it, but you're in the picture for only as long as you're useful.

I had many White Knight relationships, starting with high school through to my exww.

When I divorced I started to follow the same pattern. I met a woman in my divorce group who had been cheated on and was hurting over it and I fell for her. I had that White Knight idea that I could show her how she should be loved, etc, etc.

I'm glad I recognized the dead end that was before going further.

I made a conscious decision to seek women who were independent, on their own two feet, and didn't need me for anything other than companionship, good company, and where a relationship could develop.

I've met such a woman and we're marrying soon. I'm very happy and I know I have someone in my life that is an equal partner and not one in need of rescue of any type.

Your WW is a really broken soul.

Part of your personal fog is your age. I have a decade of experience on you as a man who is very similar in values as you are. The White Knight thing is something I had to consciously fight.

We give you this feedback as food for though. By no means do I expect you to say, "You guys are right. I'm ending this right now and counting my lucky stars."

You're hurting and are in a bit of denial. Chew and digest the thoughts we're giving you. A little emotional distance will help you see the truth in what we say.