Hi there-

I wanted to weigh in on the sexual abuse and adultery issue. I was abused in every way growing up- including sexual. My mother told me I was lying about her husband molesting me and believed him over me. I had to live in the house with him until I was old enough to move out. I was extremely anger at my mother for not protecting me. You grow to distrust people when the person who is to care for you the most doesn't.

My grandmother was the only person who loved me growing up. She instilled in me values and loved me unconditionally. I was unhappy in my marriage because I couldn't get my ex to meet any of my needs- and he wasn't interested in doing so. I had a hysterectomy one week and my grandmother died the next at 93.

The one person who put me infront of themselves was gone from this earth- what was I going to do?? I had depended on so many things to fill my emotional love bank. My job, my husband, my house, my friends, my children. The thing that happens is that those things stop satisfying you and you have to move on to the next one.

The emotional hole is for me something only that God can fill- and if I seek anything else to fill it- it's a poor substitute.

I don't feel that I'm damaged goods- although I did commit adultery when I was married before. I have asked for forgiveness and have not received it (as is his right) but I know my Lord has forgiven me. I feel that I'm that much more of a person who will and has kept my boundaries in check now. Do I think I'll do it again? I don't feel that I will.

She needs some therapy- but you cannot force her to get well.