I said it before and I'll say it again: Not all abused women end up with the psych scars and they end up dealing with their abuse and have normal relationships.

Having experienced the other end, however, led me to do some research on the matter when I learned about it. The research I did suddenly opened my eyes and so much of what puzzled me in the marriage suddenly made sense.

So to dismiss it outright is wrong just as putting everything into it is wrong as well.

But that's putting things ahead of the more immediate issues at hand.

Ending the affair is number one regardless of whether or not you pursue divorce.

My contribution to you is merely in the fact that divorce will be/may be the most difficult thing you've ever gone through BUT the lessons learned from it can help you tremendously when you finally heal and decide to date again.

In other words, there is life after divorce and it can be much better than you imagined.

That's ultimately what I'm trying to say.

I relate to much of what you post, down to the feelings about deployments, your marriage, etc.

Keep your chin up and we'll be rooting for you.