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She asked me to explain some of the problems in my marriage, and that she had talked to my WW, so that I shouldn't try to paint myself as a saint.

I can't imagine a BS writing this to another BS.

Could it be OM, writing to you, posing as his W?

I'm pretty sure that this is OM not OMW. OM knows that you are using email to contact OMW and it is VERY SIMPLE for him to get OMW mail account info and fake OMW. This is war also from his side and he will use everything he can against you!

Please proceed very cautiously, the best course of action right now is to stop communication with "OMW".

Me (FWH) 44
Mrs_Recon6mo (FWW) 42
Married 22 years
2 Children 20 and 22 years
Last D-Day for me: May 2009
Last D-Day for her: October 2008