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They're running two separate investigations. I don't think they commingle them at all, but I could be wrong.

When I was investigating the LTC and civilian, the civilan had already moved back to the states and the LTC was still in A-Stan.

The CID from her home region contacted the CID in A-Stan and provded all of the sworn statements from her and left it up to the LTC's chain of command to do he investigation. That's how I ended up being "selected" to do the investigation.

It makes sense that they would hold separate invesigations since both service members are located at different bases... I would strongly suspect that the commands ARE sharing information between the two investigations. The most likely scenario would be an initial "fact finding" phase at each command followed by an evaluation phase.

The evaluation phase is where the notes of each investigation would most logically be "compaired" in order to ensure that both investigating offices have covered all of their questions.

Once this is done, the investigating officer will write up their findings based on the direction of the investigation. In other words, the Cdr has given each investigating officer a set of issues to investigate such as: Did LT Gurka's Wife violate Article 134 by having sexual relations with someone other than her husband? Did LT Gurka's Wife violate Article 92 by engaging in an improper relationship with OM in violation of the standing order of the CG? ...and so on. Same with the OM's investigation.

The investigating officer(s) will come up with their findings and state whether or not they met the criteria of violation for the various charges and allegations. These will be submitted to the commander along with the investigating officer's RECOMMENDATION to the commander. (Please note that each investigating officer will work very closely with the JAG throughout the investigation to ensure that they cover all of the bases and don't leave anything out)

It's ultimately up to the commander as to what punishment he/she will give out. I suspect that each case will go before a General Officer as they usually reserve the right to prosecute officers and don't let BN or Bde Cdr's handle cases like this.

So, relax, focus on Plan-A, and know that the wheels of military justice are turning. Both OM and your W are in a world of hurt regardless of the "outcome"... at a minimum, they will both get GO letters of reprimand, and that will ensure that they will NOT have much of an Army career.

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