All the stuff at Eggers, and everywhere else in Afghanistan is still open. BAF, KAF, Phoenix, Salerno, etc. I've been to all of them since the "deadline" of April 1st, and everything was still humming along with no indication of closing.

Yeah, AAFES doesn't miss a chance to make a buck! I'm sure they'll drag this out as long as they can... You wouldn't believe the size of the PX here at VBC, it's almost as big as the one at Ft. Polk! (Yeah, I was stationed there for 3 years... Mrs. RIF HATED Ft. Polk!!!)

We get 1/2 a day off on Fridays, then 10hrs for the other six days... the days are long, but the weeks sure go by fast!

Glad you made it back safely!

Semper Fi,