It's possible they've already dismissed everything.

Hey Gurka - We've gone over the fact that your mind will almost ALWAYS think of the WORST situation or outcome... You've got to try and not dwell on those type of thoughts!

My gut is telling from the e-mails that you've shared with us that your W knows that the investigation is going on. When I conducted my art. 32 investigations, I interviewed the defendant first, then the other witnesss, then the defendat again to "clarify" any issues that came back up.

The investigating officer has a pretty wide lattitude on what order they interview people, so you could even interview the other witnesses first, then the defendant... either way, this is usually where the defendant gets caught lying... the stories just don't match up, or they match up "too well" and the investigating officer will start asking more questions to make sure that the defendant hasn't been discussing the case with anyone else except for their legal counsel if they have one.

Even if your W calls and says something along the lines of "Guess what Gurka? The investigation didn't proove a thing so you lose, I win!!!" It will be a last desparate effort to throw you off balance and hurt you.

You are correct in that the commander does NOT have to tell you the results of the investigation... but remember, the investigation isn't the end of the story.

The commander will take the findings and recommendations from the investigation and will then have to decide what punishment is warranted. I'm pretty sure that this will happen at the General Officer level... (CG of Ft. Huachuca and CG of Ft. Sill)... Again, you most likely won't find out what the punishment is, but you will DEFINITELY see the results!

Look for what happens to your W and OM AFTER they finish their basic course... Your W needs that TS/SCI for her job, right? Well, if she doesn't get it, you'll know why!

Again, try not to worry about things that you can't control...

Semper Fi,


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