Mrs. Gerkaguards,

You are very young. And you have done something terrible....something that you WILL regret.

Your thinking is very VERY faulty at this time. And your emotions cannot be trusted. You must begin to act w/ integrity. Or you may never recover from this.

You have no Biblical right to divorce your husband. However, your BH has every right to divorce you.

Right now, you have deluded yourself into thinking there is something special about you...something about you that is better than your BH b/c you don't want him, but he still wants you.

Let me disspell you of that notion right now. It is b/c of the man that your BH is, that he is willing to TRY to recover your M. It is not b/c of the woman you are. Or b/c of the special charms you think you possess.

If you choose to walk away from your marriage, Gerk will come to realize that he did not marry a woman of good character. His feelings for you WILL change. And he will meet another who is worthy of him for he will choose wiser.

You, OTOH, stand at a crossroad. You can be a big girl, take responsibilty for the wrong you have done, and attempt to repair the terrible pain you have caused the man that you PROMISED to love forever....or you can choose the road of self deception.

My advice to you is NOT make any life altering decisions for at least 6 months.

This crossroad needs your full attention w/ calm emotions.

Good luck to you.