Thinking I should just hold off until I get her package with t-shirts and divorce papers. At that point I can thank her for the t-shirts and let her know that I won't be making any life-altering decisions until I return from Afghanistan.

It used to take about 10-14 days to get a package from TX to Afghanistan... so it's probably about the same time from Arizona. I'd expect an e-mail from her around 10-14 days after she mailed the package... She's going to want to know if you got the D-papers.

...So I think that waiting is a good plan... that way SHE is the one thinking about how 'perfect' everything will be once you sign the D-paperwork.

Good answer on not making any "life altering" decisions... you're not using the D-word, and you're not trying to "talk her out of it" either. Just a clear statement of fact on your intentions.

Semper Fi,