Gerkaguards, there is nothing in MB that says a betrayed spouse should not be prepared for the worst.

I agree with HTLD. There is nothing that says you can't work Plan A and Plan B while all the time consulting with an attorney about your rights.

Within days of my wife torpedoing our marriage I was in a lawyer's office putting together the current Separation and Property Settlement Agreement. She signed it, as did I.

There are some things I think I was too easygoing with. But in the long run, I protected myself and my assets (she had none, after all).

I think it surprised her a bit when I hired a repo company to take away her my Jeep.

There is/was a poster here who changed his name (from Barnboy, if I recall correctly) to "Doormat_No_More."

There is nothing in Marriage Builders to suggest anyone should be a doormat. In fact, the opposite is true!

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