If Jeff includes one of the pics in his sworn statement, is it possible that an investigator will hand OM the pic and ask him if WW sent it to him?

The investigating officer is normally given several key questions to answer based on the accusation. In Gurka's case, he's alleging that OM and his W are involved in an inappropriate relationship and are committing adultery.

I don't know what the Cdr (with the assistance of a JAG officer) listed as his "directions to the investigating officer", but based on the directions, the investigating officer can pretty much make up whatever questions he or she feels will best answer the Cdr's directions.

If I were the investigating officer and had a sworn statment from Gurka along with some racy pictures that Mrs. Gurka allegedly sent to OM, then I would definitely ask the OM about the photo. I'd probably start out asking the same questions about the phone numbers, then finally ask about the photo. If OM lies about any of the questions, he's going to be in deep trouble for lying under oath.

Lying under oath is a VERY serious offense for a military officer.

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