Deployment had the opposite effect on me. I had no clue about what was happening at home. My experience doesn't compare to you guys. I was a pilot and stationed elsewhere, but I did have some hairy moments out there. I would cope by thinking often of home and fell asleep by pretending to be at home and in bed with my wife. My feelings grew stronger while I was deployed, which made the homecoming that much more devastating. She told me she wanted the D the day I stepped off the plane.

I did not react well at all. Devestation doesn't even begin to describe it.


I'm soooooo glad she's out of my life now. I'm getting remarried to a wonderful woman who is an equal to me in every respect.

Gurka, you may not have her support while you're out there. But you do have ours. If you're ok with it, perhaps we can send you a package. Mind sharing your unit address? Perhaps we can overnight you some Pepto. smile