Mr Hold,

Can I admit something to you?

I avoided your thread because I felt you were obsessed with getting sex from your wife and it bugged me because I am female I guess... I felt you were so focused on the sex you weren't getting that you were not willing to fully clean up your side of the street so that there would be a safe environment for your wife to be sexual with you. The way I see it now... I just do not fully comprehend what you are feeling. There has to be more to your experiences. I want to understand.

For example, why are you fixated on your wife in the way you recently described? Do you have activities in your life (apart from your wife and maarige) which you are involved in...which give your days / existence meaning? (Not advocating IB, just asking about you smile ) Also, the word depressed has been used in your thread several times. Are you actually Depressed (300.4)? If you are, what (if anything) are you doing about it?

I apologize if these issues have already been covered, but I haven't been here long enough to know the details.