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I don't want you to fight so hard to try and save this only to find she's been screwing around on you this whole time with multiple men. Just be very cautious about saving this marriage and insist on a polygraph if you eventually get to that point.

Hey Gurka,

I agree with jmwc95 on this, but I'll continue to say let's focus on exposure and ending the A.

THEN we can re-evaluate where you are and what you'd like to do. We'll help you with whatever decision you make when the time comes.

Multipl A's are a totally different animal...trust me, I know. frown

Again, keep your focus on exposing and ending the A... then we'll re-evaluate and see which way you want to go.

Semper Fi,

Just so you know Gurka, I stand in this camp too.
It's a process of re-evaluation in each phase.

The comment from the other soldier about an open M, my first thought was that maybe this guy was trying to tell you, in a round about way,
that your W was cheating on you. You know, doing the right thing, most people turn a blind eye, don't want to get involved.
It would never have occurred to me that a WS would proclaim to having an open M. Nothing surprises me anymore. MrRollieEyes

Yeah, I agree there is something fishy with WW's GF. At first she sounds like she has her morals in the right place, until she basically asks you out. faint
I agree, send her back that reply that Believer suggested, then ..... no more talk with her.

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