Marital Bliss:

Again, if GERKA wants me to stop giving my two cents, I will! This is HIS thread, not YOURS.

I'm not posting anything out of line. I'm trying to help Gerka.

RIF (whom I respect, by the way) already tried to report another person, and the moderator said that nothing anybody wrote violated the TOS. My comments are not meant to divide or hurt, but to help Gerka in the best way I know how. I haven't posted a lot, but I've read a lot of threads with a lot of posters who are older and wiser than me.

It is a potential disservice to Gerka for you to attempt muzzle dissenting MB posters simply because you "don't agree" with their advice.

I'm GLAD you're giving him your advice. Why do you feel threatened by mine? Gerka's a smart man, he's an adult. He can handle alternate viewpoints!

So, once again, as it's Gerka's thread, I am leaving it up to him. If my advice is not helpful to him at this time, I will quietly lurk once more!

Praying for you, Gerka. Thanks for serving our country as well.

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