Morning Gurka!

Hope you are doing well this morning... I think you have things well in hand with regards to exposure and ending the A.

It will take some time for you W to "get over" her 'in-lurve' feelings for OM...of course, his not answering her calls are a HUGE love-buster for her and will help end the A.

I'm sure OM fed her some of the standard lines about them being "soul-mates" and how they would "always" be together, and for her not to worry about "getting caught", blah blah blah... She's remembering all of this and starting to realize that it was all just a lie.

When the chips were down, OM dropped her without a second thought and went back to his W... That's why it's so important for you to keep up a good Plan-A. Regardless of how this turns out, SHE will know that when the "cips were down" that YOU stood by her and tried to save the M

Semper Fi,