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redflag We had a long distance relationship for the first year and it was hard. During that time, he cheated on me and talked to other women over the internet a lot .

redflag I also talked to other men online but never met with anyone

redflag ...it was just the emotional need that he was not meeting that I needed to have filled.

redflag We agreed to let the past stay in the past and move forward.

redflag He disabled his myspace page but has not deleted his yahoo accounts (yes accounts).

redflag ...but I still have this sense of untrust with him.

redflag It is things like this that make me feel uncomfortable about our relationship.

redflag I dont want to waste any more of my time with someone who cant completely commit to me like I can to them.

redflag Please give me some advice so I can know what to do.

Since you aren't married yet, my best advice would be to end this relationship before you take on an imature husband that will soon be 7,000 miles away from you for a year or more.

You and your two children deserve much more than this. I'm affraid that if you continue in this relationship, that you'll just be taking on more heartache and pain because it's obvious that he isn't committed to you or your children.

Please read the articles here on the MB website and learn how affairs start and some of the warning signs... You're already seeing many of them and you aren't even married yet... MrRollieEyes

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