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WW says she won't see me alone. She doesn't respond to my emails. She's furious right now. Plus the investigations are still ongoing.

WWs say a lot of things that aren't true. At some point you are going to have to try to see her in person and reengage her in the relationship. Sure, while the investigation is ongoing or in the week or two after the investigation is over might not be the best time, but the longer you go without seeing her, the further she can withdraw from you. You need to get her from withdrawal back to conflict. Something has to spark that movement, and it's likely a visit. You can't make her see you, but you can make yourself available to be seen. I'm not saying now is the time, but once she is most of the way through withdrawal of the OM (about 2 months), you would like her to attach herself back to you instead of some other man. She will be very vulnerable by herself in another month or two, and if you aren't somewhat back in the picture by then, she'll likely find another boyfriend to start meeting her needs. It will likely be with someone who is actually single, she'll tell them that "she's in the process of getting a divorce," and she will be more careful about getting caught.

I'm just saying I wouldn't actively postpone going home for too long.


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