I agree that she should have had financial support higher on her EN list. You take it for granted until the money stops flowing in. Depositing $1000/month is meeting a need. The question is at what price. I would consult a few more opinions on this matter. Maybe you could post another thread about the subject and poll the veterans. I would consult with the JAG officer to understand the PROBABLE financial impact of continuing to support her. In the end it's up to you about what you are comfortable with. I agree with Marsh, the email was a veiled reference to a need she would still like you to meet. That is why I asked you what she was referring to when she talked about the money. I think you sending her the money is showing your continued to commitment to the marriage and her continuing to accept the money may show that she may still be willing for you to meet some needs. Or she could just be using you. However, I think the subject is definitely worth exploring.


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