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Haven't heard from WW today. I'll send a note tomorrow, as that'll be 4 days after the last one.

I think twice a week is the perfect amount to email a WW that doesn't want to talk to you. It's a balance between letting her know you still care, and not being super annoying. You have any ideas yet? I would always kinda make up stuff to get my WW interested in conversation. You know, how a comedian sets up his jokes, where he's walking down the street the other day and some other guys comes up to him and says... That didn't REALLY happen to him, but it got the audience interested. Maybe you do a little exaggeration or tell some story that didn't happen to you but someone else you know that you can use. Something to possibly get a response other than, "I told you I didn't want to talk to you." Try out some ideas on us.

That doesn't really fit with openess and honesty. Enough stuff actually happens to be. I caught a couple thousand volts off a server rack today, for example. But I don't want to tell WW dangerous\scary stories that would make her worry.

My draft:

Hi, how has your week been? I've been really busy dealing with all the new people coming in, mostly Australians and Dutch officers. I ran into a Portuguese captain at Camp Eggers on Tuesday and tried to talk to him in Portuguese, he applauded my efforts and said I was the first non-Portuguese person in Afghanistan to try speaking Portuguese with him. It's apparently the rainy season here, and it's been raining a lot. It's nice since it clears the air of pollution, and makes all the plants grow. Speaking of which, I thought it'd be nice for a husband to send his wife some flowers, all the way from Afghanistan. wink

(Attach pictures of newly blossomed roses from the other day)