Sent her an email during a lull just now:

How was your weekend? Did you end up getting that computer from Best Buy that we were talking about before?

They didn't have any crab legs or lobster or anything of the sort for dinner Friday night. Makes you wonder just what sort of war we're running here. I've been super busy at work, working till nearly 1900 every night. Sunday morning we went to the shooting range to shoot each other's weapons for "familiarization" in case ours are lost or damaged in an attack. It was pretty fun getting to shoot all the foreign weapons (attached a picture from the range.) The French rifle was, unsurprisingly, the worst of the bunch. Then I had to go to a party at the British Embassy last night, it's ridiculous how diplomats live and party in the midst of a war. They have a really nice swimming pool, a full bar, catered foods, the works. But we didn't get back until nearly midnight, and the Afghans didn't want to let us through the gate. One of our colonels decided to get out of the car to talk to them, and the situation escalated to a guns drawn, very tense situation before they finally decided that we did in fact live at Camp XXXXX. We were all breathing sighs of relief once we actually made it back into our camp after midnight. I've been pretty sleepy today since I didn't get to bed until 1 in the morning, but I made it to the gym at lunch. I got some new headphones at Camp Eggers to replace the ones that I lost last week. I'm about to leave work for the day and try to go for a run. Hope you have a good week!