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She called me at like 0430 this morning. My phone died after the first ring, so I didn't answer. Then when I get to the office I see the following email:
We need to talk, I suggest u call me tonight
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Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Should I call her? I'm a little shaky on that idea. She's probably mad about something.

Yes, you most definitely call her. Just be cool. Diffuse any relationship talk before it gets out of hand. Be calm and confident, but don't sound too eager. Remember what we taught you. You are now going to have to think on the fly. Remember your training soldier because you are about to get dropped in a live combat zone.

Remember, this is a progression of how to reengage her. A couple weeks ago, she was never going to contact you again. Lately she's been emailing you...alot. Now she wants to talk. This is a positive step, no matter how the phone call goes. Just go in with no expectations. She's not going to call you and beg you to work things out with her. She's likely going to scream and blame and say nasty things to you. Expect that going in, and you'll be prepared. It's time for live action!!! You can do it!!!


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