Something that hasn't been discussed yet, is your WW sisters wedding, and the opportunity this presents to get your wife thinking about your wedding and commitment.

Remind her that when she sees her sister getting married to remember your wedding day. The love you felt for her. And your hopes that her sister will have a wonderful day and a fantastic marriage. Tell her that when she hears them making their vows, to imagine that you are there next to her, holding her hand making your vows to her all over again. Because you would be. That no matter what she thinks or how she feels about you at this moment, it in no way makes you second guess yourself about your love for her and your hopes for your future together. Not what she has done, or her anger with you. That you love her and hope that she has a wonderful day with her family.

In doing this, you are not really talking about your relationship presently. You are speaking of the past and the future. It is important that she hears this b4 the wedding. Hopefully as close to it as possible. You want her thinking of nothing else, but how much you love her. And your commitment to her. Then go silent till after the wedding. Giving her plenty of time to think about what she has done and your forgiveness. You will notice there is no accusations about what has happened. Only focusing on your love for her and your ability to rise above what has happened. To focus on what is really important.