Yeah, she's like a little kid.

Hey Gurka,

Exactly... so please don't stoop to her level and keep e-mailing her. You know she's going to keep sending stuff like this to you. She's feeling more "in control" now because you've started engaging her and defending yourself.

As for how long should you keep this up? I think jmwc95 gave you a pretty good timeline... about 2-3 weeks after exposure, but longer if another "issue" such as punishment from the investigation come out...

You've got a lot of positive things going for you right now... and tops on the list is your W is NOT in contact with the OM. How do I know this? ...because she's spending her time e-mailing YOU to try and make you feel bad for runing all of her fun!

Let's go over some other positive things that are going for you:

1 - WW is no longer in contact with OM
2 - WW is confused and angry and lashing out at you (further proof that A is over and she is in withdrawal from OM)
3 - Your actions so far have been consistent, and regardless of what she says, they have been supportive and loving towards her.
4 - Your actions to her family have been above board regardles of what she says.
5 - Your actions will leave a positive image of you if/when you decide to move on to plan-b.

Now, here are a couple of things that you need to work on:
1 - Stop engaging in arguments with your WW over e-mail. You can't win, and you're just playing into her hand when you keep replying to her nasty e-mails.
2 - Catch your negative thoughts before you start dwelling on them. (easier said than done, but remember, your mind will almost always think of the most NEGATIVE outcome... don't dwell on these negative thoughts!)
3 - Don't second guess your past actions!!! You are quickly becoming the poster-boy MAN for exposure and Plan-A! You're doing great, you really are.... I know it doesn't "feel" that way to you, but your actions are having an effect on your WW.

Relax and try to distance yourself from her drama. She will eventually get tired of arguing with herself as long as you stick with your plan and don't engage her by defending yourself or educating her with your e-mails...

Semper Fi,