Wow, that sounds like pretty sweet deal!

Not really sure what to say about her contacting this old HS BF... You don't want to start accusing her because she will just use that as "proof" that you're "controling" and "stalking" her. So you're in a tough spot as far as confronting her.

I guess the best COA for now is to just keep e-mailing her every 2-3 days and then sit back and see what happens. Is your WW going back home for her sister's wedding?

If she is and stays with her mom, I'd call her there and perhaps you'd get her Mom on the phone... remember, no relationship talk, just say that you wanted to wish your SIL well for the wedding and ask how your FIL is doing. Hopefully, your MIL's "tone" would give you a clue as to what your WW is up to.

Are you planning on calling her on her birthday?

Semper Fi,