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All I can think of is I wish it had been me. These guys had something to go home to. I don't.

Dude, snap out of it. Sure, you don't have a loving wife to go home to right now. BFD. There are a lot of guys serving over there that don't have wives and children. They still have families, friends, and some, message board posters, that care a lot about them. Even if you don't think your marriage will be salvaged, there are MILLIONS of girls out there (more mature and with less baggage) that would treat Gerka right. Don't you know how many BSs there are on this website after the fact that are like, "What was I ever trying to salvage my marriage for? I didn't know I could be this much happier by myself or with someone else."

If that is TRULY how you feel right now, then you need to alert your CoC and get yourself the HELL out of that combat zone because your combat readiness is TRULY in question. Are you ready to throw your life away after a POSSIBLY failed 5 year relationship? You've got 50 more years. 10 years from now this will just be a distant memory.

Calm down and take a deep breath. You need to do something for yourself to get you out of this rut. Don't dwell on your situation.


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