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Before I stumbled onto marriage builders, I actually started a "plan b." She had already given me false hope a couple of times, and I was just dying, and angry, and I couldn't take it, so I told her I needed a month break from communicating with her. She made it 4 days before contacting me saying, "I don't think it's a good idea to just not talk. I need to know that at least you're ok without having to check your facebook page."

But of course, that was back before I "ruined everything."

Well, under that plan, you didn't expose and kill the affair. You had to go back and do that first, and then plan A a little longer to make up for some of the love bank withdrawals as a result of exposure. You want to get her talking again with you, and then hit her with plan B if necessary. It will be that much more effective that way.


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