Here's my email to her (haven't sent it yet):

So things are slowly getting back to normal here at Camp XXXXXX. They finished cleaning the DFAC and reopened it yesterday. The threat level is still really high around Kabul, and in our area in particular. Every day lately it's a handful of new things to watch out for.

I slept in until about noon today, rolled out of bed and went to lunch. The only kind of decent entree they had was hamburgers, and their burgers aren't even good, so that was disappointing. But then had to go to work for a meeting with a bunch of big-wigs that came in from all over the country (thanks for doing it on Friday guys...) I ended up getting so many communications issues piled onto me that I'll be busy dealing with them for at least a week. It's nice to know that I'll be able to help them all though, and clear up some of their problems. Then I got fixated trying to troubleshoot this weird email\network problem and didn't pull away until about 1800. Of course, I didn't realize I was going to be there so late, so around 1600 I took some NO Xplode, anticipating going to the gym soon. Instead I was just all wired and pumped up trying to work on someone's Microsoft Outlook client, lol. So by the time I got back it was dinner time. The steak and lobster was the best it's been in weeks, and I ate a couple of steaks and 4 lobster tails. Then I came back and let everything digest for a couple hours while I laid around and watched the Simpsons on my laptop. I finally went to the gym at 2100 and did sprints on the treadmill where I set the speed interval at 7.0 and 10.5, and then sprint for a minute, run for 2 minutes. I did that for 20 minutes. I'm sure I won't be able to get to sleep tonight since I worked out so late. I have a bunch of laundry to fold and put away though, so hopefully I can be productive in my insomnia.

I see you got the book I sent. I bought a copy too and I'm waiting for it to get here. Did you get the UPS package on the 18th? It says it was delivered to your front door. I hope you're doing ok. I'll call you between 2100 and 2200 your time on the 25th. Have a good weekend! smile