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Ok he exposed to his boss this morning.

As far as the NC letter: he has agreed to write by hand so that she has no question that it is coming from him. We did not get around to it last night, simply because he spent most of the evening looking after our son because the hangover I thought I had turned out to be a fever frown

We have a counseling session this afternoon.

Good idea to hand write the NC letter. My FWH emailed the first one and because he was careful NOT to make his typical typos, OW thought I had written and sent it.

He handwrote the one that made a difference nearly 4 months later and then she sincerely appologized to me....FINALLY! I didn't expect that but it was nice and helped with closure.

Two suggestions:

Bite your tongue when the AOs start to rear their ugly heads. Even if he starts the argument, YOU can end it by (calmly and softly) refusing to engage. (I know...easier said than done.)

Lay off the bottle when stress rises. You need all your wits about you to deal with things, especially helping your F?WH defog. He seems to be doing fine but YOUR self-induced foggy brain will only lead to problems.

Oops..I lied but this third suggestion is one I (and others) mentioned before: read all you can here, buy/order SAA, FIL/SIL, HNHN and LB books, and call for help with your plan for recovery (either call the MB MC center or the live radio show).

Keep posting, Euluna...you can do this. You seem to have a head start over many but you must keep diligent and not become complacent.

Best wishes in all your efforts,

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