I know what you mean, and C has asked me to fast forward many times when an explicit sex scene comes on. We both felt uncomfortable with that even tho she may have been sitting right next to me. Or we just turned it off and watched something else or did somethings else..*s*

Anyway sex or the hint of it sells.

We both saw "he's just not into you" and actually were both bored and saw watched something else. She loves J. Anniston and I do not.

This was back in early April and we watched a couple of films here - one was her's and it was a recent one with dustin hoffman, but cannot remember the title, and one was mine. Mine was a John Wayne western Rio Lobo. We have compromised and traded off like this throughout our marriage. Anyway it is a really dumb movie with only a couple of good scenes. But, one was when they (wayne as sort of a bounty hunter, a young woman, and some young guy) were on the trail of some crooks and they had to camp out. She gets cold during the night and crawls in with Wayne under his blanket. In the morning when Wayne sees her wake up and asks her what she was doing, she replies that she just wanted to be warm and comfortable during the night. Wayne just looks at her in astonishment and says: "well I have been called alot of things but I have not been called 'comfortable' before". My wife really laughed, and she does not even like John Wayne!