If it isn't OM#1, then it is OM#2. I have also shared concerns about staying oversees. Sure, it keeps you from getting divorced now, but it pretty much keeps you from recovering as well. Is this what you want your marriage to be? I would not extend your stay unless you didn't want to save your marriage anymore, and you wanted to stay overseas.

I am concerned as well about contact. If there is no contact, why the other phone? Why is she still pushing the divorce so hard? Maybe because she's violating a direct order and doesn't want you to report her again?

Can you figure out your WW's new phone number? I'm sure any PI can do that for less than $50. You can then get into her account and see if/why your marriage is not getting any better. If she sees a text message claiming she changed passwords, just claim ignorance. Afterall, you don't even know her new phone number, right? Most of the time when I get a text from AT&T, I just delete it without looking at it because I assume they are trying to sell me something.


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D-Days - 8/25/06 (EA), 11/3/06 (PA)
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NC broken - 11/28/06, 12/16/06, 1/18/07, 1/26/07, 1/27/07
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