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They're both in Army schools with very strict travel restrictions. He's got a wife watching him and their money. I seriously doubt they're able to see each other. I wouldn't doubt if they're still in contact though, since it seems like the OMW seems to believe their "Just friends" story, and apparently purposely fed me false information.

If that phone number had been false information OMW had given you, your WW would have led w/ that first. Instead she said you "made up" the number. What she said after you pointed out that OMW had given it to you was just pure BS spin. If OMW really did give you a fake number, then WW knew nothing about it until you told her the number had come from OMW. Which shows OM are W are no longer in contact.

Either way, OMW wasn't trying to discredit you, she was trying to save her H's rear end. There is NO WAY she is going to let them continue their "friendship". And I seriously doubt OM would want to after exposure.