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Well, she engaged me via email again. A little bit of nastiness, but a lot of positive too:
I don't think that u staying an extra 6 months is going to help us work anything out, I feel like this is just another one of your threats. We need to work things out and get our personal situations resolved so that we can both spend our time and effort actually doing our jobs. If u get back in august we will do some talking certainly
As for the money, I am absolutely not accepting "financial support" from u. I told you I didn't want your money and I am under the impression that we have a deal that you are helping to pay off the debts that we both incurred in our misguided wedding. If you keep putting money in my account, I am going to use it to counteract those debts. I really hope you are not crazy enough to believe u can buy me for 1000 bucks a month. As of now I'm not sending money to my family since I am taking tom in for the summer and possibly more permanently.
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I'm assuming Tom is a pet?

Don't respond to the nastiness. Respond by asking her how the wedding was. Ask her what she did for her birthday. DO NOT RESPOND TO ANYTHING SHE SAID IN HER EMAIL! Maybe you can engage some of what she said in a humorous way. Tell her, "The money is for however you want to use it. There are no strings attached, I am just trying to help. I know how can't buy you for $1000/month. While we are on the topic, just curious, how much would it take? wink I'll talk to you later."

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