They are down again for some reason.

This song is not about an affair or a d-day in my life, or any thing like that, it's about my DH and the way he keeps saying "yes, but that was before!!!!!!"

To explain, he left me a few months ago. He packed up everything he owned (and even some of the stuff I owned naughty) and headed back up north. He did say I could go with him, if I wanted to. confused But, it seemed really closer to an after thought, than a request, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I let him go. I have moved three different times since I married him and wasn't about to move again. Plus, he was acting really wayward in my opinion, so I thought it best to stay put and let him go.

After a few weeks he asked to come back. I have to say that I was really heartbroken and having a very, very hard time, but I didn't let on. I just decided I would be okay and it was probably for the best and to let him go. I did a little plan A on the phone by not love busting, but I certainly wasn't trying to meet any of his needs. I was just trying to act with grace and class, even though inside and to my friends, I was a basket case.

Now, he is back and we are both working hard to make this marriage work and to be good to the other.

Anyway, this song is for him. Even though he doesn't read here and does not especially like this place. Actually, he can't stand it.

So, maybe this is for me. It's a great tune, and I happened to have seen Jonny Lang in a bar in my home town when he was about 16 years old, and he was incredible. I normally can't stand blues, but his voice is just unbelievable.