So last night really suxed.

Everything was going really well, WH was on the floor playing with DS and his cars. I was tending our farm in farmville on FB. All of a sudden I see a msg come through on our joint FB from one of my WH's old classmates. She had located another classmate that WH had been looking for.

Ok all in all, there was nothing there to get upset about. Then I went back and looked at the msg again; it was also sent to POSOW.

Grrrrr. I was happy that my WH had been able to make contact with this classmate, as she is someone he has worried about for several years. And I am not worried about her as a threat, since she would be more into me than my husband.

It was the possibility that POSOW could use this new found friend as a way back into WH's life. I sat there sobbing when I saw that potential.

After I calmed down we went upstairs and put DS to bed. Then we came back down and I fell asleep on WH while watching TV. When I woke up, WH sent new friend an email (in front of me) telling her that we would love to get together with her, but it could not be a group thing. He told her in no uncertain terms that POSOW was not allowed in his life and he did not want to talk about the circumstances that have caused that.

Him not wanting to talk about it to an old classmate, I understand to a point. He has put the boundary in place, I just hope POSOW does not try to wiggle her way past it like the leech she is.

Me - BS
Him - WS
Discovery 3/26/10
NC letter mailed 5/27/10
NC letter recieved 5/29/10
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