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I'll put some more thought into it and try to decide if I could meet all his E/N's regularly it would cause him to fall madly in love with me again.

Ask him?

Write that very question down (so you have it the way you want it) and give it to him.

eta: According to Dr H, wife falling madly in love with me would be precisely the fully guaranteed result of me meeting her ENs. LOL. Not by a long shot. I was meeting them all, all along (even according to her) and in the way she wanted them met. Redoubling my efforts after DDay 1 of the VLTA did not make her love me. Redoubling again after DDay 2 did not make her love me either. If anything she started thinking I am a fool. But, maybe thats just due to my incompetence. You might be better at meeting ENs than I am. I no longer care one way or the other. Might still be worth a shot for you though...

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