Anyway, this song is for him. Even though he doesn't read here and does not especially like this place. Actually, he can't stand it.

Heck, I can't stand it either! Paraphrasing those old Listerine commercials: "Marriage Builders? I HATE IT! ...but I use it 2wice a day!"


Best relationships are where the partners recognize that it isn't their responsibility 2 make their spouse do anything, including (especially) love them. The best relationships are between 2 individuals who don't "need" their needs met, but choose 2 meet (or exceed) their partner's needs because they want 2.

I'm with Frank Pittman. People who believe they can (or should) sustain romantic love indefinitely are fooling themselves. It is the "caring love" that the Harleys describe that is sustaining.

Having said that, I'm an incurable romantic, I think:


-ol' 2long