Okay, Gerka, I know I don't post on your thread often, but I've been reading along since the beginning.

Here's my advice. Do with it as you will. Your WW has decided that you are her doormat, and she's going to take every opportunity she can to wipe her feet all over you. STOP LAYING DOWN AND TAKING IT!

How old are you? I'm guessing early 20's? You have no children with this woman. She's about the nastiest person I've ever encountered to be writing these sorts of things to someone who is risking his life everyday to serve and protect our country. She's mean, horrible, selfish. Why on earth would you want to spend the rest of your life with this woman?

I can absolutely GUARANTEE you that as soon as you cut yourself off from this egotistical child, that you will find someone 500 times better to spend your life with. Five years from now, when you're remarried to someone great and raising a couple of kids, you are going to look back on this time and thank God that you didn't end up stuck with her.

And just so you know, I think you are the only poster I have ever recommended a Plan D for. It just turns my stomach reading all of the nasty things she continues to write to you month after month. I say enough is enough. You deserve so much better than this, and you can have it. But you have to accept that she is what she is and she's not going to change.

And I am a FWW. I was in a deep fog for 6 months after my H discovered my A, and NEVER once (even when I was pushing for a D) did I say anything nearly as cruel and horrible to my H as the things your WW is saying to you.

Me: BS/FWW: 48
BS/WH: 50
DS: 30, 27, 25
DD: 28
OC: 10
BH and I are raising my OC together.