I have always been reading along on your thread. I have posted very little because 1) I am no expert in recovering an M - I hope to be. My H and I seem to be on track towards recovery now. and 2) you have been getting great advice from other posters, especially the military posters.

re. the dog. I think sending the dog to WW was the right thing to do at the time. I have wondered if WW really wanted the dog because she loved and missed dog OR if WW just wanted to get another dig in on Gerka. I don't know. I could be reading too much into that situation. If you think it could be the latter, perhaps there is a chance you could negotiate for return of dog if that's what you choose.


BW - 70
WH - 65
M - 35 years
D-day - 17 Apr 08
H broke contact 11/1/09
Back in love after the worst thing that every happened to us.