Welcome home anyway my friend. Crappy homecomings suck and I know from my own experience. We had a big ceremony at UofI's assembly hall complete with TV and the governor. My family and her family were there, but she didn't even kiss me or hug me. It was surreal.

The local reporter saw Pinky coming into the stadium with my two boys and asked my WW if she could stay with her and do an interview with her, the boys and me. I didn't know any of this as I was still on my way there with the unit. So as all these emotions are in my head, I have a TV camera on me the whole time. Immediately after, the reporter interviews me for the news that night asking how it feels to be home and all that. I gave the expected answers but was thinking the whole time how my WW wouldn't even touch me or kiss me. All that was before I even knew there was an OM involved.

So welcome home anyway, and thank you for your service. Keep your head up and you are going to be OK.