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She told me how I was the worst husband in the universe, listed off everything I've ever done wrong, and explained that we definitely would have worked things out if I hadn't turned her in to the Army.
Remember, remember, you are not the reason for her selfish choices.
She is blaming you for the embarrassment that she is feeling.
'Things' turned out this way, due to her actions, not yours.

That even if she killed someone she would expect her husband not to turn her in.

She said if I had waited a few days instead of reporting her immediately, she would have changed her mind.
Know that she is gaslighting you here.
Exposure was the right thing to do for your M. Don't question that.
She would have continued the A.

She was nasty, venomous and mean. I didn't accuse her of anything, call her names or anything.
You did better than I would have at this point.
You're a good man Gerka.
Always keep in your mind that you gave her every opportunity to restore the M, and you did it with integrity.

There is no reason to speak to her again.
I hope that you can get your dog back.

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