Hey GM,
I only skimmed your post, but what I gleamed from it I suppose that DWG recognizes through your actions that your LB$ for her is not in the "In Love" area. Perhaps it is her own beaten view of things that she is having a hard time recognizing your love for her. I feel that you are saying ILYBINILWY through your actions.

I would have to say that you need to change something again. It time to take inventory of your marriage with a serious sit down discussion (Record the status of your $LB over the past few weeks to make sure it is going up). Talk with DWG, find out what ENs you are and aren't meeting. See what are her current top 5 ENs. Check if your ENs are being met. Discuss your status on LB's, and recent withdrawls that occured. Make sure you express your love for her in the way that she understands. This means you really have to go out of your way for her to prove you love her.

I hope during your proof that you love her you will both get into that territory where both your $LB are full for each other.